Many years ago, I wrote for the State Press, ASU's student-run newspaper. The State Press is an award-winning publication that carries news, current affairs, opinion pieces and a sports section, in addition to regulars like movie reviews and cartoons. I hope to post all my columns from that time up here at some point, but for now here is a link to some of them.

Additionally, I write for a few blogs in the spare time that I have. For links to these blogs and the pieces therein, please contact me.


I love traveling - I cannot overstate this fact. In my first couple of years in the United States, most of my travel was restricted to Arizona and the neighboring megalopolises in California. Since then, I've tried my best to make up for this deficit by seizing every single opportunity for travel. It seems very unlikely that any of this travel will ever beat the sheer joy of traveling by train through India with her myriad landscapes and diversity, but one must make the most of one's opportunities. This section will be updated real soon.